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Megalomaniac by Karim Ouelhaj won BEST SCORE & BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at Grimmfest ! Congratulations to Gary Moonboots & Simon Fransquet for the music and to François Schmitt and his team for the photography! And also, a special mention for Eline Schumacher

Maybe we have already experienced the best screening of Megalomaniac when we went to Cologne this week. After spending the day with our fabulous distributor Andre Groenhoff (Indeed Film) to discuss what he has planned for the film after the

Megalomaniac will be screen in 7 great cities of Germany. thanks to our distributor Indeed Films for this selection and tour at Fantasy Film Festival SCREENINGS DATES & PLACES 09.09 Berlin / 20:00 09.09 München / 20:00 15.09 Köln / 20:00 15.09 Stuttgart / 20:00 15.09

She is one of the privileged few who had the chance to see Megalomaniac before its world premiere. Marta Balaga interviewed Karim Ouelhaj about his latest film and a bit about the next one too, but you will not find

We have just finished shooting Tetaniya!Directed by Patrice Mougeolle, Tetaniya is a tense, sticky huis clos on the theme of sleep paralysis.Jean-Mathias Pondant plays Dimitri, and beyond his good mood and his idyllic character, the young actor gave us a

Megalomaniac trailer by Karim Ouelhaj was revealed by Deadline Hollywood on July 11. Now you can also enjoy it here. Title: ‘Megalomaniac’: Exclusive Trailer For Butcher Of Mons Pic Author: Max Goldbart / Date: 11 July 2022 EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a trailer for Megalomaniac, the film inspired

We were very happy to meet, often for the first time in "real" our collaborators and partners in Cannes!We have also started relationships with what we hope will be our future partners on our upcoming projects. A Cannes "as before" with

Like the whole industry, we are happy to return to Cannes in its usual shape. It's an opportunity for us to meet our partners in real life and not behind a screen. And we are very happy about it. We

The international seller Media Move, through the talented Justyna Koronkiewicz will handle sales for Megalomaniac worldwide (excluding North America managed by XYZ).We are very happy to work with this pro-active and passionate woman. To be continued…