Megalomaniac wins Best Feature and Outstanding Performance Award at Fantasia!

Karim Ouelhaj’s Megalomaniac received two exceptional awards at the Fantasia festival this Sunday evening: Best Film in the International Competition and Outstanding Performance Award for Éline Schumacher, the leading role in the film.

The jury of the event’s 26th edition, including Charles Bramesco, Elza Kephart, Maitland McDonagh and Heather O’Neill, presided over by C. Robert Cargill commented:

“An astonishing, brutal piece of art that challenges the audience while simultaneously saying something deeply profound. It is a lush piece of cinema whose intent is to disturb and it succeeds at every turn. It is the very sort of film that festivals exist to share.”

C. Robert Cargill, screenwriter, author

In declaring the award for Eline Schumacher, the jury stated :

“In a brutal tour de force, Éline Schumacher, internalizes the violence of the men around her, and then vomits it back up, in a twisted fable of femininity and the role of women in patriarchal structures of abuse. Her performance is nuanced, with hints of compassion and beauty, that highlight the monstrosity of who she has become.”

Karim Ouelhaj receiving the award for Eline Schumacher

The news was quickly announced in the press, notably in ScreenDaily and Variety

We are very happy to bring the Cheval Noir in Belgium, very soon you will know more about next selections, but for sure we will remember this World Premiere for a long time.

Thanks to Fantasia, its audience and the Jury!