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  1. Drama by Karim Ouelhaj


    In 2005, Karim Ouelhaj created Okayss film to support the production of his first self-produced feature film: Parabola.
    The film was selected at the Venice Days Author’s Day.
    The film won the Federico Fellini Award in Tiburon (USA) in 2006.

  2. Franck Shinobi

    An Experimental Musical Movie

    Inspired by the music of the Belgian rock band Frank Shinobi, Karim Ouelhaj writes and directs a medium-length musical film with actor Pierre Nisse.
    Accompanied by his collective of creators and technicians now called “Oakyss Prod” Karim tries to follow in the footsteps of one of these masters of cinema: Alan Parker.

  3. Le Repas du Singe

    Monkey Dust

    Second part of the societal triptych started with Parabola, The Monkey Dust is as much a love story as a dramatic thriller. Maryse Dinsard won the award for best performance in Rome for the role of Nadia. The film was also screened at the Brussels LGBT Festival and was noted for having portrayed homosexuality without it being the subject of the film. A way for the author to emphasize the normality of sexual diversity.

  4. Une réalité par seconde

    a reality every second

    It is because he met Lucky H to make his video clip, that Karim Ouelhaj became interested in his life and his work as a street educator. This is what triggered this film, halfway between fiction and documentary.

  5. l'œil silencieux

    the frozen eye

    Méliès d’or for this return to short films, a format that we like a lot at Okayss. The Frozen eye has travelled the fantastic festivals of the world and has supported Karim Ouelhaj’s obvious turn towards the genre film.

  6. Short Movie


    Tundra was released in 2017 and won the Best Director award upon its Premiere in Great Britain. A year later, after several selections, it will win the award for best short film in Belarus

  7. Collective documentary

    Tribe in pictures

    Tribe in pictures, a short documentary, is a collaborative work tracing both the history of Okayss prod as a creative collective, but also explaining the different trades of cinema.
    This is the first film produced by Florence Saâdi.

  8. Le coffret 3 DVD de Karim Ouelhaj

    Collector 3-DVD box

    Produced with participative fundraising, Karim Ouelhaj’s DVD set has been conceived as a collector’s item. It includes the societal triptych composed of the three feature films: Palabola, Monkey dust and A Reality Every Second and includes numerous bonuses: short fiction and documentary films and lots of video clips

  9. New start

    Okayss business company

    In 2019, Florence Saâdi and Karim Ouelhaj decide to officially become partners and convert Okayss into a commercial company. It’s a new start with a new structure, new challenges but the values and DNA of the original collective.

  10. Horror and mystical violence


    Fourth feature by Karim Ouelhaj and by far his most savage. His sharp examination of societal anguish blends into this genre-adoring film that no horror devotee would dare miss. Carried by the breathtaking performance of lead actor Eline Schumacher and her descent into insanity, MEGALOMANIAC digs deep into the sordid true story of Belgian serial killer, The Butcher of Mons.

    (Célia Pouzet – Fantasia Film Festival)


OKAYSS is an audiovisual production company located in Belgium.

Okayss tends to produce strong and innovative films and is mainly oriented towards the genre.

Our 3 pillars are: art, freedom and humanism.


Creative team
Karim Ouelhaj

Director, Producer

Florence Saâdi


Franck Ravel


Leïla Ouelhaj

Producer assistant

Laurence Hoeters

Assistant director

Julien Fournier


Patrice Mougeolle


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13 hours ago

THANK YOU ARGENTINA 💙Back from Ventana Sur where we presented our project Heat Of Madness in the Blood Window program with BIF MARKET team (BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival)Exceptional meetings, a privileged access to our magnificent network of genre cinema in this market of human size. Buenos Aires has conquered our hearts, eyes and stomachs (Biffe de Chorizo and Alfajores forever 😍) and the business is not left out, so many projects to co-produce and new partners with the same thirst for cinema that we have at Okayss Thanks to Wallonie-Bruxelles International for the supportAnd our greatest gratitude to Javier Fernandez Cuarto 🇦🇷 ... See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Good news for your industry!Congratulations guys and well done 🔥Fantastic Pavilion to Launch at the Cannes Film MarketThe Cannes Festival will have for the first time ever a Fantastic Pavilion, a significant booth and exhibition space located at the Cannes Marché du Film in the Palais des Festivals. Conceived by Pablo Guisa, Grupo Mórbido CEO, Bernardo Bergeret, Ventana Sur co-director, and Daniel de la Vega, co-ordinator of Ventana Sur’s Maquinitas video game forum, the Fantastic Pavilion is hailed by Guisa as “the dawn of a new era for our industry.”Looking set to both accelerate and symbolise the now significant role that genre plays in international market dynamics, the Fantastic Pavilion is being organised by members of the genre/fantastic film community spread across the world in partnership, crucially, with the Méliès International Festival Federation which groups most of the world’s key genre/fantastic events.Read the full news here: #CannesFestival @marchedufilm #MeliesInternationalFestivalFederation Ventana Sur MORBIDO FILM FEST ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Today we have the great privilege to represent #belgium at the Argentinian film market: Ventana Sur 💥Today at 5pm (local time), we will pitch our next project in front of an international audience of professionals in order to find our last partners in the framework of MAD IN BELGIUM.Mad in Belgium is a partnership between Blood Window and BIF Market (BIFFF - Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival ), supported by Wallonie-Bruxelles International After the Belgian pitches, we will screen #megalomaniac!It's the Belgian night in Buenos Aires!Special thanks to Javier Fernandez, Dianne Leenders and Wallonie Bruxelles Images ... See MoreSee Less
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Belgian horror film and Fantasia winner #Megalomaniac has been selling widely and was recently acquired by Dark Star Pictures for a North American cinema release next year!

Yeni Fransız Aşırılığının son örneği korku filmi ‘Megalomaniac’ Belçikalı seri katil The Butcher of Mons'un gerçek hikayesini anlatacak. Gelen ilk yorumlar; "İzlemesi hem zorlayıcı hem de rahatsız edici" oldu.. Film 2023 senesinde sınırlı sayıda gösterime girecek.