juillet 2022

She is one of the privileged few who had the chance to see Megalomaniac before its world premiere. Marta Balaga interviewed Karim Ouelhaj about his latest film and a bit about the next one too, but you will not find

We have just finished shooting Tetaniya!Directed by Patrice Mougeolle, Tetaniya is a tense, sticky huis clos on the theme of sleep paralysis.Jean-Mathias Pondant plays Dimitri, and beyond his good mood and his idyllic character, the young actor gave us a

Megalomaniac trailer by Karim Ouelhaj was revealed by Deadline Hollywood on July 11. Now you can also enjoy it here. https://vimeo.com/725376947 Title: ‘Megalomaniac’: Exclusive Trailer For Butcher Of Mons Pic Author: Max Goldbart / Date: 11 July 2022 EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a trailer for Megalomaniac, the film inspired