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VOD – A reality every second
Une réalité par seconde


Driving around under the lights of the city, Lucky, a social worker, is looking for Romane, a young teenager who has run away. On his way, he meets Vladimir, an unconventional person, horrified by the moral decadence around him.

Through the gaze of these characters, A Reality Every Second immerses us into the universe of those we are usually turning away from.

Starring: Luc Hélin, Olivier Picard, Romane Dideberg, Soufiane Lachhab, Mario Guzman, Béatrice Cue Alvarez

Runtime: 87 minutes

Black & White

UGS : 0000-0004-5AA4-0000-I-0000-0000-K Catégorie : Étiquettes : , ,


Drama by Karim Ouelhaj.

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Format: VOD

Language: VO (French) + English subtitles

Date: 2015

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